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 From Marty's Blog:

 A Very Shy Person Performs: A Black Susan Boyle

Jeffrie Givens was the shyest career counseling client I've ever had. She readily admits that cadavers are less stiff.

She was seeking a job in fundraising research. Even though that's a behind-the-scenes job, I knew her job search prospects were dim unless I could get her to become less shy.

Her hobby is singing and I asked her to sing for me. Indeed stiff as a cadaver. I then showed her videos of great performers doing the same song. She improved immediately.

I kept working with her and not only does she now have a great job--fundraising researcher for Children's Hospital in Oakland--she's become quite the performer.

She has received a standing ovation at every one of the five performances of her one-woman show, Big, Black, and Shy. Essentially it's the story of the person least likely to become a star. She's a Black Susan Boyle.

Here's 15 minutes of her singing to a packed house at The NoName in Sausalito. I accompany on the piano