Carnival of Chaos

It wouldn’t be totally unusual to see them playing a washboard, guitar, bells & whistles, singing ridiculous lyrics and juggling machetes all at the same time. Nor would it be out of the question to witness an audience member standing in the middle of a cascade of  fiery torches. You might even say, that it would not be entirely atypical for an accordion to whimsically accompany a crystal ball on its journey, gliding effortlessly around the body. Or, a man careening all over stage on a 7 foot unicycle with toilet plungers and the like. Not to mention, a disco dancing parody in the midst of  a technical juggling routine. But alas, we can’t rule out silly verbal patter or a sketch comedy routine involving low budget super heroes, buckets, a whip and a daring acrobatic feat. Behold, ‘the “balance” of the sexes’–Mark & Dre  bring to life the see-saw relationship of men and women. 

DUO:  1 hour show unless otherwise requested. Mark & Dre present a ‘far-out’ Vaudeville style show which Includes prop comedy, live music parody, insane juggling, balancing of strange objects, sketch comedy and ridiculous stunts. All carried out with their unique brand of theatrical flair. This act comes equipped with a crazed accordion, a monster unicycle, super hero costumes and a disdain for boring theater.   Fun for the whole family.  Don’t miss this awesome duo.

ENSEMBLE:  This multi talented group brings vaudeville and cabaret back to life by blending the best of comedy, music, theater and circus arts. The Carnival of Chaos is a San Francisco based performance group of musicians, jugglers, magicians, physical comedians, acrobats, contortionists, stilters, dancers, unicyclists and fire acts under the direction of core members, Andrea Terry & Mark Bunnell. Original live music, and improvisational humor make each show an adventure unto itself. Expect lots of laughs and spectacle.