Rasa Vitalia

Rasa Vitalia is a California Bay Area-based professional dance artist with over a decade of experience in multiple world dance forms, mastering many aspects of both traditional and tribal fusion styles with equal parts talent and skill. Her mastery of sword balance, percussive cymbal rhythms, and dynamic movement has won her many admirers. She has performed as a solo artist to audiences in cities throughout the U.S., contributed her talents to several area troupes, and worked with an array of world-class, international musicians. Originally trained as a Brazilian samba dancer, this early experience has informed her unique and vibrant approach to belly dance. Rasa’s approach to belly dance is in essence improvisational, fluid, and expressive. Her artistry gives timeless form to the subtle truths of the heart. Rasa seeks to unite the spectator with the divine in Nature through her graceful movements, and give a brilliant and generous performance her audience won’t soon forget.