Dave Evison

The great songs, the great singers - that's music to me! Cole Porter, Gershwin, Mancini - those were the guys who knew what a melody and lyrics were all about. Throw in Sinatra, Ellington or Tony Bennett to embody that beautiful musical feeling known as "swing".  Some of us were born to be keepers of that flame.

I usually sing at the piano while playing bass-lines on a small added keyboard with my left hand. Piano and vocals or just solo piano - it works either way for me. First-cabin is a piano/vocal set-up with string bass and a drummer - the trio sound.  My slogan "From Nat to Bing-with lots of swing" originally derives from my own renditions of "The Christmas Song (Chestnuts roasting ...)" and "White Christmas". Kind of makes me feel like a "legend in my own mind" when I play them.  Whether it be romantic ballads, jazzy swing tunes or mellow Brazillian bossa-nova, I always try to enjoy myself and do look forward to sharing my music with you.