Haggai Yedida

Haggai (Justin) Yedida is an interanationally acclaimed pianist and vocalist as well as a dualing pianos entertainer.  His diversity of styles and affable personality have made him a rising star in the Bay Area piano circuit.He has composed and recorded for Sony, Showtime, and regional radio stations.

An Israeli-born Bay Area resident, Yedidya recently outmoved, outplayed and outfinessed thousands of contenders in the American Idol auditions held  in Las Vegas. 
Haggai’s music and an original song were part of the audition, followed by a flurry of interviews on MSNBC, FOX, CBS and local news.  An outstanding piano soloist, Haggai brings an unusual touch to the piano with incredible flourishes and almost magical sleights of hand, and is a wonder to behold.