Dick Bright's SRO

Dick Bright's SRO is the party band that will make that happen. The ultimate in dance entertainment, SRO is like no other band you've ever experienced. Clever costumes and props, zany skits, hip-hoppin' choreography and soul-stirring vocals are all set to a pulsating beat. Visually as well as musically exciting, it's MTV, Las Vegas and American Bandstand rolled into one hot act.

No other band has such a vast repertoire. Not just the same old standbys so many groups perform, the SRO play list features top dance hits from the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's that go beyond the expected. And SRO is constantly updating its repertoire with new material.  When SRO makes its entrance every eye turns to the stage. Led by emcee Dick Bright, the 19-member band features string, horn and rhythm sections as well as vocalists and dancers. It's the biggest party band around. SRO taps the diverse musical interests of its many members, giving you a new take on favorite tunes and making sure there's something for everyone.

Dick Bright's SRO has performed all over the world. There's a reason for it. No matter what the language, SRO shows people an exciting time and a party they'll never forget. Nothing short of a blast, it will transport your event to a new dimension.

                          DICK BRIGHT'S SRO VIDEO