Sound Bytes

Sound Bytes- This unique act consists of two musicians, Steve and Dave, and an array of high tech computer gear that transforms them into sounding like one of the best 5-piece rock and roll bands you’ve ever heard.  Full instrumentation and 5-part vocal harmony!  How they pull it off live is just one intriguing element of their show.  Another is to perform using wireless communication allowing them to really get into their show as well as into the audience itself.  They play 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, fun, rock & roll, party songs that guarantees a great time.

With their incredible vocal abilities, instrumental musicianship and humor, the Sound Bytes have been delighting audiences for nearly ten years.  They’ve played for corporate functions, festivals, private parties etc. throughout the Western United States, with a concentration of play dates around the San Francisco Bay Area and Coast of Northern California.  (This explains their heavy devotion to Surf and Hot Rod music, by the Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, The Ventures etc.)  They recently finished their latest album (Have a Rockin’ Merry Christmas) and are now working around their heavy performance schedule to complete a new collection of tunes for their fifth CD!

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