Starlite Strings

Whether you dream of a picturesque formation of violins cascading down a grand staircase for cocktail reception and dinner, or the romantic charm of violins serenading guests at a garden wedding, we have the experience and resources to tailor a unique musical experience as you envision it.  Let Starlite Strings fulfill your dream of featuring beautiful music for your corporate party or other special celebration.

Offering a wide selection of versatile ensembles from which to choose, Starlite Strings will assist you in making the right choice to complement the elegance and ambiance of your event.  To ensure the ultimate success of your event, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality professional musical services available. Our musicians have performed together in our ensembles for many years, and are among the San Francisco Bay Area's finest performing artists.  Starlite Strings provides classical instrumental soloists, duos, trios and quartets, and a chamber orchestra.

After a fabulous dinner, why not shift the mood to light, danceable, acoustic music, for a fitting touch to the end of a perfect evening?  Swing, waltzes and popular ballads are performed in classic San Francisco style by our Strolling Violin ensembles or our Continental Combos with violins.If you want to create a relaxed contemporary atmosphere in which your guests can visit without competition from a band, we recommend changing the pace with the light background jazz sounds of the Davis Ramey Trio or Carl Vast's "The BBC Jazz Trio".

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