pickPocket Ensemble

The pickPocket Ensemble has been making it's brand of original acoustic music since 1998. They have released 4 CD's, soon to add a 5th, Soul Cafe, early in 2007. Their music has been featured in several films, as well as on KQED's program Spark. We have been featured at the Etnosur Festival in Alcala La Real, Spain, and have toured in the Netherlands and Germany. 

Here is a testimonial of their work:

"If you only knew how good this act is... the pickPocket Ensemble is a band from San Francisco founded by accordionist and composer Rick Corrigan. They play a certain style of music that can't be found anywhere, not even in the geographical areas they claim their music to be coming from. Middle eastern? Gipsy Music? let's call it pickPocket style. If I Were A Highway is their best production and it should be looked closely not as a pop phenomenon nor as a potential world success, but just as beautiful music with no boundaries of any kind. "Prague" is a gipsy dance tune that recalls those Czech Republic cafes on the street where beautiful women are trying to steal your heart as well as your tourist-ass-wallet. "Valls" is a conection to spanish-peruvian waltzes, arriving softly on our ears. Once again, where's Sony, Nonesuch or Telarc? Can't they sign this band already? The world needs this band ASAP." - Javier Moreno, review on Amazon.com