Dan Mires

First Memory of Performing in front of people: The first time I took a stage by myself was at an open mic in the corner of a bar and grill in San Diego. People had told me since I was very young that I should try standup comedy because of my bright personality. It took until my senior year at San Diego State University for a friend to finally talk me into getting on stage. As soon as the mic was in my hand I knew that is where I belonged; In front of a crowd entertaining.
Who do you admire and why?
I admire anyone that does what they are passionate about. Life is short and there isn’t time to waste doing something you don’t enjoy. My biggest influences are George Carlin, Richard Pryor and Joe Rogan.
What’s the most important thing to have a successful event?
A successful event is one that flows from start to finish without anyone looking at a clock. Everyone is so blown away with an event or performance that they lose all track of time, but know that there is nothing else they’d rather be doing. In a time where everyone is constantly checking their smart phones for a few seconds of entertainment, it is getting harder and harder for people to appreciate the moment they are currently in. A successful event will make someone forget that they even own a phone.