Joel Nelson Productions provides trios with a wide variety of instrumentation.  Our categories include Classical, Novelty/Ethnic, Jazz/Easy Listening, and Variety trios.  Call us at (800) 578-5780 for a quote! 
Here are the different combinations for your event:

1.  Violin, Viola, Cello
2.  Harp, Violin, Cello
3.  Flute, Violin, Cello

1.  Dixieland - (Trumpet/Clarinet, Banjo, Bass/Tuba)
2.  Reggae
3.  Steel Drum
4.  Country
5.  Bluegrass
6.  Mariachi/Latin

Jazz/Easy Listening:
1.  Piano, Bass, Drums
2.  Piano, Bass, Sax
3.  Keyboard, Guitar, Sax
4.  Keyboard, Guitar, Drums
5.  Guitar, Bass, Sax
6.  Guitar, Bass, Drums
7.  Vibes, Bass, Sax
8.  Guitar, Vibes, Bass
9.  Piano, Bass, Violin

1.  Keyboard, Guitar, Sax/Vocals
2.  Piano, Bass, Drums/Vocals
3.  Guitar, Bass, Drums/Vocals

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