Joel Nelson Productions provides duos with a wide variety of instrumentation.  Our categories include Jazz/Easy Listening, Variety, and Classical duos.  Call us at (800) 578-5780 for a quote! 
Here are the different combinations for your event:

Jazz/Easy Listening:
1.  Piano w/Upright or Electric Bass, Guitar, Sax, or Flute
2.  Guitar w/Upright or Electric Bass, Sax, or Flute
3.  Keyboard & Sax
4.  Keyboard & Drums

1.  Keyboard and/or Guitar, sax, drums/vocals  (Add a Drum Machine or PA System...call for a quote!)

1.  Harp & Flute
2.  Harp & Violin
3.  Guitar & Flute
4.  Piano & Violin
5.  Guitar & Violin
6.  Two Violins