Double Funk Crunch

The DFC Story Double Funk Crunch was formed back in 1997 by co-band leaders Jon and Laura Kuppinger. The group was started as a wild & crazy costumed club band that played exclusively disco and funk from the 70s. The band became quite popular and successfully rode that rhinestoned wave into the new millennium, bell-bottoms and all. The new Millineum brought a higher level of success for DFC as they began to perform regularly at many private events, weddings and corporate parties in addition to their club appearances. DFCs popularity as well as their fan base grew and they became known as a high energy, fun party band that focused on 70s & 80s dance music. They eventually added the talents of vocalist and entertainer David "Doc" Robinson to lead the band on stage. Doc brought with him a broader scope of music and new level of professionalism that gained them success in not only the private sectors, but got them noticed in the casino and county fair circuit, resulting in playing almost every county fair in Northern CA (including the CA State Fair) as well as most of the casinos from Reno to Tahoe to Las Vegas. Fast forward to 2005. Seeking a new opportunity to climb even higher, DFC adapts and matures again and diversifies further musically adding latin, hip-hop, R&B and rock to their well known staple of 70s & 80s dance music.  But they didnt do it alone.  DFC gained a new vision with the addition of a new musical director, bassist/producer/songwriter and recording artist Darryl Anders (Bonnie Hayes, Zigaboo Modeliste, and Tower of Power). Darryl brought with him the experience and talents of Vince Lars and Jeff Lewis to create a powerful and dynamic horn section. Keyboardist Christian Boyd adds all the right seasonings to the Double Funk Crunch Party Flavor. The rock steady pulse and groovalicious feel of Ron SnackJackson Smith on the drums keeps the dance floor packed. Topping it all off with the soul stirring blues and r&b influenced vocals of Leah Tysse.