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Mark Holzinger

Mark Holzinger

I am very lucky to have been part of a musical family, my mom was always the bombshell soprano, vocal coach, choir director and spiritual leader. She taught music in public school and at home where I grew up with the sound of music lessons nearly every day. I am told I sang in the choir at age two, I started formal training on piano and moved to guitar at age 10. It wasn't long before my father was hauling me and my gear to rehearsals in the family station wagon. My family has always been supportive of my musical endeavors... well, aside from some rough moments in high school where I wanted to do nothing but study guitar, but we've gotten way past that, and if you care to read on I will reveal some of the chapters in my musical journey. Over the years I have lived, recorded and toured out of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Nashville and Boston. I have also performed in New York City, 50 U.S. States, Paris, Amsterdam, Canada, Mexico and Jamaica.

My performances have included concerts, festivals, major music venues, weddings, bars and restaurants, church, T.V., radio, music videos, musicals, LP's and CDs. Since returning to my San Francisco Bay Area roots in 1994 I have been recording and performing regularly, with venues including The Fillmore Auditorium, the Warfield Theatre, the Chronicle Pavilion, and the Masonic Auditorium. I also perform at festivals including the San Francisco Jazz Festival, Strawberry, Hog Farm, Sacramento Jazz Jubilee, Fat Fry, Two-Day Town, Earth Dance, and Kaleidoscope. In addition to performing concerts and festivals, I make a living by providing entertainment at restaurants, weddings, corporate parties and private events, along with ongoing local gigs.

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